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Saturday, May 06, 2017


This blogger is cognizant of failure. Mostly, however, everybody else's.
As an example, consider this conversation overheard between two small individuals the other day: "I'm gonna kick you in the carbuncle!" "What? Where's my carbuncle?" "In New Jersey!".
Now, admittedly it shows exposure to a wider world, and an awareness of concepts beyond the universe bounded by Sacramento Street, Stockton, Broadway, and Kearny Street. Which is commendable. But a lack of comprehension (and crucial facts) is also evident.

If you were to ask me, your carbuncle is not in New Jersey.
It is, in fact, much closer than you think.
Here, let me prove it.

There is, never-the-less, something beautiful and out of this world about a little person thinking he had to go to New Jersey to kick a friend in the carbuncle.

I have never been to New Jersey, and have no desire to ever visit, despite having very distant relatives all over that place. I am convinced none of us have carbuncles there.

Maybe he understands something else under "New Jersey".

As a side track, and perhaps not even tangentially related or relevant in any way, presented in a recent under-post comment which was obviously opportunistic pork shoulder, there were, after everything useless and spammatic had been excised, these three sentences: "This factuality, all horrendous. Renderings with space are very awesome. Booming in a goal nicely presents peas." There was a lot more, several goofy pages.
But I think this captures the essence of it.

It is poetry. Magic.

Spam song.

"This factuality, all horrendous; renderings with space are very awesome; booming in a goal nicely presents peas!"

Dude, I have no idea what you just said, but I feel an urge, an enormous irrepressible and joyful urge, to kick you in the carbuncle right now.

Spam bots are in some ways similar to children.
In other ways like senile old farts.

Strive for peas.


In a totally unrelated matter, I asked the waitress at the restaurant where I ate yesterday what "yellow flower fish" (黃花魚) was in English. She did not know, but she and an "uncle" explained that it was popular in Hong Kong.
The specials on the wall mentioning it were 豆豉蒸黃花魚('dausi jing wong faa yü'; "black bean sauce steamed yellow flower fish") and 煎封黃花魚 ('jin-fung wong faa yü'; "pan seared yellow flower fish").

Wikipedia says this: 大黃魚(學名:Larimichthys crocea),又名黃瓜魚、黃花魚,是鱸形目石首魚科黃魚屬魚類中的一種食用魚。一般體長30-40厘米,體重400-800克,身體呈金黃色,尾柄長為高的3倍多。

It is the large yellow croaker, now commercially farmed in China.
Very popular in Chinese and Korean cuisine.
Apparently it is delicious.

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