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Tuesday, March 29, 2016


After an early lunch -- meaning that I had mui choi kau yiuk, yong tau fu, and chau yau choi over rice with some soup before two o'clock and watched four galumphing pink people trying to figure out what was plainly written on wall while eating -- I wandered the local alley ways smoking a pipe.

And got to overhear four Cantonese pre-teen girls talking.

"Oh my gawd, that's so f*cking gay!"

"Careful, Jen, we don't call that 'gay' anymore."

"Oh shove it, bitch!"

"Language! That's NOT nice."

"What you sayin'? I'll have you know that I am g*ddamned refined too, bitch! Re FINED!"

Man, I love pre-teen Cantonese girlies! Spunky!

Of course they'll probably grow up to be properly chastened blah wheatgerm San Franciscans, two dogs and a child on a leash by the time they're thirty, and an e-commerce yuppie or real-estate macher for a husband, of some indeterminate racial heritage (from pink at one extreme to yellow at the other), plus a Benz with 'Spring Storms' air-freshener.

Consumers of shoes, handbags, piercings, and trendy food products.

A pity, really. They could be architects or congresswomen.
Or astronauts.

Foul-mouthed astronauts.


Mui choi kau yiuk (梅菜扣肉): nice fatty pork with salted cabbage, simmered till the layers of fat are buttery soft. It is a most desirable substance, darn well Cantonese soul food. Yong tau fu (釀豆腐): soy bean curd chunks stuffed with fatty pork mince, which can be braised, stewed, steamed, or dusted and deepfried. Originally this was a Hakka dish, now it is universally known and loved by all Cantonese speakers. Also darn well soul food. Yau choi (油菜): a zesty type of brassica, which when briefly blanched and sauteed is utterly delicious.
Written on the wall: all the best things are written on the wall.
Learn to read, grasshopper.

Smoking a pipe: it was a Charatan billiard I've had for years, old briar, red-stained, saddle-stemmed. The tobacco was a mixture containing about four percent Perique, the rest mostly Virginias. Delicious!

Gay: of an alternative sexual inclination.
Bitch: a female canine American.
Refined: an odd idea.

And note, per the apartment mate, who is presently falling asleep in her room on the other side of the wall, that when you don't fill up the urine sample cup to the line requested, it gives you an immense and sinking sense of under-achievement. She sneered that in my case that would probably be no problem, as my bladder is the size of a water-melon, compared to everyone else's grape-sized "normal" bladder.
Normal folks do NOT have the capacity of a camel!
Damn', boy, you are a freak of nature.
Weird mutant kwailo!

She used to be a cute little pre-teen Cantonese girlie.
Years ago, before she grew to adulthood.
Met me, and moved in.

Grape-sized bladder.
Good lord.

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