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Thursday, March 31, 2016


The other day, having dined fabulously well at a Vietnamese restaurant (where I had 串燒豬肉春捲飯 and a glass of ice coffee), I stepped outside to light my pipe, and nearly bumped into a very attractive girl.
I like the idea that there are so many attractive girls that if you don't look you accidentally crash into them. It's a very comforting conception, and a marvelous follow-up to everything I had been considering a little earlier while waiting for my food and filling my pipe.
The pipe was an Orlik Canadian, a very fine smoker indeed.
Lovely grain, goodly size, in great condition.
Tobacco: Virginia & Perique.

What made the young lady so splendidly attractive was her face.
Which I can remember, unlike her figure, which I totally overlooked.
Stubborn, pursed lips and fierce eyebrows, intelligent.
Pale skin, kissy cheeks.


She looked very pissed-off. Not at me, but something or someone else.
There was not a shred of vacuity or dingbatto in her appearance. Even after I had got the bowl of tobacco properly lit, I still couldn't get her out of my mind.

I know she must have been wearing clothes, as it was too damned cold to be naked, even if walking with a purpose and at a decent clip, which she was. But nope, can't remember them. Those lips, those cheeks, and those alert alert eyes. The hair must have been somewhere between short and very long, but I cannot visualize that detail either.

She had hair, though, of that I am quite certain.
I would have remembered baldness.
The hair was black.

I shall now repeat all those things, in short crucial detail. Pursed little mouth, totally kissy cheeks, and fierce fierce eyes.
Stubborn and resolute.

Permit me to squeal.

Now imagine that you just heard "squeeeee", okay?
I like women with a mind of their own.
Especially if it is turbulent.
And keenly alive.

As a result of that I shall think favourably of that restaurant.
As well as that stretch of sidewalk on 花園角。
Grilled pork always makes me happy.
It's that 炭火烤的香味。

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