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Friday, October 17, 2014


It was my birthday a few days ago. So, like any obsessive middle-aged blogger, I reviewed the reasons for creating this site. By trying to figure out what on earth brings in nearly a thousand readers daily.
Cogent analysis meets profound inspiration?

Obvious choices: sex (there is none), kitten pictures (zero), and recipes (of which there are many).

Les obvious choices: English pipe tobacco and Chow Yun-fat.

Also on the list: Dimsum and hamsap

There you are. It's late at night, but unlike the pervert in the apartment downstairs who obsessively searches for naked pictures of Hello Kitty doing incredibly nasty things to sailors, you are cruising the interwebs for well-dressed pictures of "the coolest actor in the world" according to the Los Angeles Times.

Finally, after making moon-eyes at your screen for over two hours (there were a lot of photos), you decide that as a brilliant young lady of exceptional taste, you really can get away with smoking a pipe.
Balkan Sobranie is the Chow Yun-fat of pipe tobaccos.
You don't know how you know that.
But you are certain.
It just is.

The pervert downstairs is weeping into his martini. He's realized he's seen so much porn filmed in Orange County that no amount of graphic stimulation works any more. He's thoroughly bruised and exhausted; it was a fraught evening in front of his Apple. His elderly mother is asleep in the other room with cold pizza in her lap. She has no idea what her thirty-five year old only child has been up to tonight. She thinks he's a software engineer, such a smart boy (!), but she's never wondered why he can't hold down a job.
Or why he has pictures of Anime heroines all over his bedroom.
She doesn't know about the Sailor Moon pajamas.
Thank heavens for that.

But he's a non-smoker, vegan, saves the whales, and supports all the noble causes, like the rainforest and laws banning plastic bags.
And he lives with her. That's what counts.

Your own internet search for far better things naturally brings you here. Where Balkan Sobranie is hidden among the posts, there is favourable mention of that dashing actor from Lamma Island, and food is at times described.

It is a wise choice. Welcome.

Please note that I am single.

I recently turned fifty five.

And I smoke a pipe.


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