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Wednesday, October 02, 2013


Over the years, some people have accused this blogger of not being a nice person, asserting that at times I seemed intent on carrying a grudge.
Why yes! That is indeed so.
It's a fine trait.


Back in 2010, a raving hysteric ex-hippie spent time at a sukka meal arguing that Geert Wilders was the very best things since sliced bread (well, sliced Dutch Crunch), and that the holy blessed saint G. Wilders was, if not The West's last desperate gasp at stemming the tide, then certainly Holland's only hope. Why, she insisted, could I not see that?!?
Was I a half-wit? Too pro-Democrat a tool to be redeemable?
An infiltrant from the other side?
She and her allies have taken over the group, by the way. They believe Obama is the anti-Christ, who will take away our guns and enforce the mass-sterilization of true-Americans, as is foretold. Thanks to them, about the only thing the group has been able to do since their ascendancy is twiddle its collective thumb up its rear.
When that started happening I decided to bail.
Right-wing onanism isn't my thing.

I notice that since Wilders came out against kashrus -- specifically the slaughter of food animals according to Halachic standards -- his fan base among the people I no longer hang out with quite so often seems to have shrunk. Evidently they have finally figured out that he's a vindictive little sod, whose xenophobia is very catholic.
Not quite what they originally thought.
Despite their adulation.

[As examples, two people (Walter and Laura) who never got back to me regarding their obscene worship of Mr. Wilders are in the comment string on this post:
Remarkable, because their assurance was striking. Maybe they've belatedly realized that they didn't know Jack? Or perhaps they overdosed. One can but hope. Hello, Walter and Laura? Hello?]

"Wilders is no friend of the U.S.: he opposes Dutch military involvement in Afghanistan; he believes development assistance is money wasted; he opposes NATO missions outside "allied" territory; he is against most EU initiatives; and, most troubling, he foments fear and hatred of immigrants."

[Source: Wikileaks, via The Guardian: US embassy cables: Barack Obama's briefing on Dutch politics.]

Even the raving psycho-paths on the internet (Atlas Shrugs, Yid with Lid, Debbie Schlussel, Doc's Talk, et mult altres) seem to have lost some of their enthusiasm for Mr. Wilders; maybe he is more unstable and less reliable than they previously assumed. Or perhaps they've gravitated toward other shiny things. The theory that Obama is gonna take away our guns run for the hills maw is still strong, as is the belief that we're headed toward mass-arrests and martial law. Plus, in Kansas, the berserk fringe is trying their damnedest to keep evolution out of the schools, and everywhere the extreme wing of the Republican party is yelling that Obamacare will bring the end-times. Support our fight, on ALL fronts, and we'll keep that Kenyan Socialist Muslim from selling Israel down river! The alternative is communism! And witchburning!
And abortion of white Americans!

On the bright side, the tide of ignorance is no greater than in the past. Opinionated stupid people have always been with us, except now thanks to modern technology their voice is somewhat louder. The selective deafness required IS greater than ever before, but their moronic cacophony is easily tuned out.
Keep on blipping, folks.
Sod the nuts.

Post scriptum: previous mentions of Geert Wilders can be found here: Geert Wilders.
You will note that over the years my opinion of him became more nuanced.
At present I think he's a pompadoured fool, and a sad sick little troll.
Muslims, Christians, and ideocentrics, are still idiots, however.
See previous instructions regarding sodding.

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