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Thursday, October 03, 2013


I happen to know that my ex took her boyfriend to an Indian restaurant for lunch recently. Which is ironic, given that I first introduced her to Indian food, two decades ago, and she and I used to go out to eat at Indian restaurants regularly. She still loves spicy dishes and ghee-drenched roti-shoti.

It's also a little painful; not just ironic. Her boyfriend allegedly has a sensitive stomach. I would hate to think that it's partly my doing that he presently tolerates Indian food.

I think I'll avoid Indian food for a while.
Somehow I've lost my appetite for it.
It does not taste good alone.

I miss being loved.

All in all I think I'm coping rather well with the realities of permanent bachelorhood, but there are times when I would like some companionship of the feminine persuasion.

It would be fun to discover food again with someone... soft.

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