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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


For the Sinophilic Bibliophile, courtesy of e-kvetcher, comes a link-direction to this blog: HAQUELEBAC.

There is more there than mere Sinology.
The author shows him or herself enamoured of numerous subjects, and discourses dryly about them.

Consider the very second item I found there:

Renaissance Wogs

The Problem of Unbelief in the 16th Century: The Religion of Rabelais (Lucien Febvre, 1942)

They were simple people who gave way to their feelings. We repress ours…. (p. 100)

Here, too, was the “underdevelopment of sight”. He was content to “feel” — like his whole age (p. 454).

Who was Febvre talking about? Martin Luther, and with him, the entire Renaissance: Erasmus, More, Montaigne, Pico, Rabelais, the whole shebang. This is the Annales school’s famous histoire des mentalités. Where did it come from?

[End cite]

There's a lot more Chinese, Russian, and French where that came from.
Mostly Chinese: Tao Te King, Shen Dao, and all that.
Familiarity with Bernhard Karlgren.
Good stuff.

Added it to blogroll for further browsing.

Shebang, shebang.



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