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Monday, October 21, 2013


In relation to the post in which I detailed all the truly horrid things that Chinese people call us honkies -- hurtful stuff like 'white', and 'large', and 'dude' -- it really must be stressed that the Chinese actually like us.
We're so interesting! And we do such wonderfully goofy things!

Chinese aren't racist, but they do love a good spectacle.
Chinese people are on this planet to be entertained.
Once that stops, they're calling the mother ship.
We're going home, this place is boring!

And that proves that they aren't bigots. They just expect foreigners to act completely different, and provide some shockingly absurd street theatre. And, entirely ignorant of the proper norms, we obligingly do precisely that. It's free cabaret, and who knows, we might even sing afterwards.
Or do our little dance!

But the Chinese largely make no distinctions. If their own people are willing to act completely ridiculous, there will be just as big a crowd around the delinquents, showing quite as much keen appreciation.
And they know it will happen. They're Chinese.



Now why don't thing like that happen on Bay Area Rapid Transit?
Two goobers duking it out, and a whole bunch of happy commuters calmly looking on, giving the two men room. You will note that nobody is swearing, nobody is screaming even, and neither of the combatants is hurling imprecations.
One must conclude that the ride was boring, and purely to liven things up our two husky friends started swinging at each other. Doing so made the time fly, and gave both men a feeling of accomplishment.
Points were made, and there was interpersonal contact.

Plus their fellow passengers were utterly delighted.
It was so considerate of those two to do that!
I can't wait to tell all my friends.

Please! Do it again, boys!
Trip ain't over yet.

This video comes courtesy of Bejing Cream, who often shows us the space alien aspect of the Chinese.


The word 'suàn​', variously written as 算、筭、▯匴, and 祘, means to regard, consider, calculate, compute, sum up, add up. To do the math, to total, to finish.
In the phrase 'suan le' (算了) it means 'enough already', 'drop it', 'stop', 'ferchrissakes', 'let it go'. In milder circumstances it means that one has, or someone else should, let something slide; under more friable conditions, it is an imperative to stop whatever it is that one is doing or shouldn't do.

The gentleman with the crisp white shirt who attempts to separate our two heroes is clearly misguided -- because he is the only individual who wants them to stop -- and may very well be the person shouting "suan le, suan le, suan le" near the end of the clip. Idiot.
He's a busybody. Perhaps foreign.
An anti-social putz.


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