Tuesday, June 18, 2024


Sometimes, out of the corner of your ear, you hear something that tingles. While we were eating she mentioned that she admired crows because of their intelligence. We had veered over the course of the conversation into various animals -- cats, foxes, gophers, rabbits, et mult autres -- but crows and drinking vessels and their understanding of volume and displacement struck a nerve.

Crows resonated. There had been a huge colony of crows on the roof of one of the highrise office buildings three blocks away, which had probably suffered from the city's massive rat poisoning nearby. Poison travels up the food chain.

I miss those crows.

The city ocassionally does remarkably stupid things.
Governmental bureaucrats aren't particularly bright.

Their rat poison is still out there as toxic red tape.
The internet is filled with videos of crows being intelligent and other animals being cute or lovable -- that black bear uprighting the traffic cone in the Sierras, for example -- as well as bureacrats and Texans being stupid.

If bureaucrats could figure out a way to eliminate pesky problem people while keeping tax dollars and votes flowing, they'd probably poison all of us.

AI is not the solution.


Release the bears.

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