Monday, June 24, 2024


Some drugs to which people become addicted, which may necessitate incontinence pants, also induce a high quotient of gibberance. Especially if the esteemed pickle-brained blobbo taking them has a huge ego. It's really big. You've never seen such an ego. Huge!
Everyone (that is to say, the idiot half of the country) admires his ego.

"I had an uncle who was a great professor at MIT for many years, long, I think the longest tenure ever. Very smart, had three different degrees and you know, so I have an aptitude for things. You know, there is such a thing as an aptitude. I said, well, what would happen if this boat is so heavy and started to sink and you're on the top of the boat. Do you get electrocuted or not? In other words, the boat is going down and you're on the top, will the electric currents flow through the water and wipe you out? And let's say there's a shark about 10 yards over there. Would I have to immediately abandon or could I ride the electric down and he said, sir, nobody's ever asked us that question. But sir, I don't know. I said, well, I want to know because I guarantee you one thing, I don't care what happens. I'm staying with the electric, I'm not getting over with it. So I tell that story. And the fake news they go, he told this crazy story with electric. It's actually not crazy. It's sort of a smart story, right? Sort of like, you know, it's like the snake, it's a smart when you, you figure what you're leaving in, right? You're bringing it in the, you know, the snake, right? The snake and the snake."
------Orange gorgle meister
It's a stream of consciousness, very deep, almost Kaufman-esque in its intensity.
Like wow, man, far out. Like, totally zen. It's wild.

They pay good money for this in Las Vegas.

The snake and the snake.

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