Sunday, June 16, 2024


Some people eat it for breakfast, and there's even coffee flavoured with it. Ronald, who passed away years ago, once bought a tonne of it and was barred from both public transit and entry to his hotel, so he and his mom sat on a park bench and tried to consume it all. Seeing as an excess comes out through your pores, they must have whiffed a bit.

For a few years a long time ago I would do a durian tasting in random places to introduce people to it, and enjoy their reaction. A friend confesses herself not a fan.

Nowadays urban southerners are quite fond of it and it's widely available.
Frankly, I cannot wait till Americans start obsessing over it, and do what they always do when food gains a cult following. I'm now imagining Durian Huts, durian pizza, durian bakeries, and Paddy's DownHome Durian Shacks all over the country. People assuring me that "in New York they have the best durian, man, that's why you need to go there".

Durian with grits. Durian with lutefisk. Durian with bacon, cheese, and hot sauce.

"Durian is life" teeshirts, durian body spray. Durian hats.

Durian themeparks. The Miss Durian contest.

I myself am not particularly fond of it.
It's okay, lah. But I can pass.

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