Monday, January 02, 2017


Today I met Lulubelle. Who stands up and does a little dance. Amazing. Never knew chihuahuas were trainable, I always assumed that they were dumber than chipmunks. Same as most humans.

I'll make an exception for Lulubelle. Who is a very calm and personable chihuahua. Yes, she's still ridiculous, what with the silly expression on her face and the tongue out at all times, but if a chihuahua may enter heaven, it will probably be Lulubelle.

Sad that she's been fixed; no contributions to the gene-pool.

No, she wasn't wearing a tutu.

If I were to get a hound with a head that close to the ground, it would probably not be a chihuahuahuahuahuahua but a dachshund. Calm and keenly intelligent, with killer instincts, savage and determined.
A chihoohah is basically a hyper bald puffball.

Chiziwhatzis are a problematic breed, prone to any number of ailments due to their physical defectiveness, plus they aren't very good around children.

If forced to choose betweeh a chibihahah and a child, choose the child.

Still, Lulubelle is a rather nice doggie.

Possibly better than a child.

Cleaner, too.

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Anonymous said...

Chihuahas are really smart. Dick.

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