Sunday, December 13, 2015


Little Martha LOVED the Christmas season. And Easter. And though she was only seven years old, she knew exactly why. It was because of chocolate. There was more chocolate riotously flung around during those two times than the entire rest of the year, enough for a little girl to score a supply which would keep her fairly happy during the dry season.
She couldn't wait until she was old enough for Valentine's Day.
More chocolate!

She also wanted other people to have chocolate, because she was a very considerate little girl, but she was very practical-minded. There's a limited amount of available chocolate at any given time, so it made sense to ensure one's own supply before worrying about someone else.
Chocolate, she was sure, was life.
Life and meaning.

And, if chocolate was life, it made sense to budget for street people.
A candy bar given to the local crazy man was clearly a very good thing, and she made sure that at least a few times a week she could contribute.
It was what morally justified her own consumption.
A necessary indulgence.

Many street people had benefited from her generosity, but she did such things quite naturally, and did not feel especially proud of it.
Everybody must have chocolate!
But it did mean that she required a bigger allowance.
And sometimes she made that suggestion.
It seldom worked, though.


Sometimes she wished that all other holidays would be celebrated with chocolate. Martin Luther King, Saint Patrick's Day, Cinco De Mayo, Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Pentecost, July Fourth, Labor Day, Columbus, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.

She was sure that when she grew up, she'd become a marketer or politician, and make it happen.

That warm thought kept her happy when there was a scarcity of chocolate.

She could not imagine a world without chocolate.

That would be so sad!

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