Friday, December 25, 2015


Being the sort of man that I am -- mature, and no longer a callow youth in my early twenties, but grouchy and stubborn, quite the pissant , often bad-tempered, yet a spare and restrained puritan withal -- celebrating Christmas is not part of my programme. Meaning no roast goose, no plum pudding, no overload of pralines and marzipan, no saccharine children's voices singing carols or squealing with glee.

Christmas is a time of contemplation.

Specifically, contemplating OTHER people snarfing down the roast goose and plum pudding, with angelic kiddies singing in the distant background, and gay tinkly titters of joy.
'Bah', and 'Feh'!

Scrooge and the Grinch are my heroes.

Their determined sufferings during this festive season are sheer epics of resolve and principle. Their battle-cry: "bah humbug!"

"Bah, humbug!"

I'm washed and dressed, and off to Chinatown to eat tofu. I normally hardly touch the stuff, but today I feel like it. There are two pipes in my coat pocket, along with a pouch of tobacco from a freshly opened tin.

First tea. Then a pipe. Then dinner, and another pipe.
There's an operational theme here.

Manufactured in Jersey, British Isles,
by: J.F.Germain & Son
Manufacturers of fine tobaccos since 1820.

Pipe Tobacco made with selected
red and golden tobaccos.
Pressed to create a flake of
medium density and sliced for your

Review: sweet, mild, and plummy. Fully rubbed it yields pale strands of a very refined appearance. Yes, there is a top-dressing, though that provides an aroma well in keeping with aged Virginias. It smells like the tins of Japanese cigarettes (50) which I purchased years ago.
Apricots, with a hint of fresh hay.

It reminds me of holidays in Switzerland during younger years, the age at which I did not yet smoke a pipe or drink whiskey. Very summery.
And consequently also suitable for Christmas.

Here's a picture of Jersey in winter:


I wonder if there is a perfume with the exact fragrance of this tobacco.
It would be very suitable for a young woman of delicate build.
Someone nice, with sparkling eyes.

I may have a glass of whiskey after nightfall.
At a place where I can smoke.


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Anonymous said...

Why did you specifically recommend Pall Malls or Cool Filter Kings for that commenter's power-smoke?

The back of the hill said...

Because I am evil. Those things are nasty.

Anonymous said...

How do you know? You've tried them?

The back of the hill said...


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