Friday, September 12, 2014


A young fellow in Wuhan refused to give up his seat to an elderly person; a seat which was specifically designated as due the aged, the infirm, and others of much need. Precisely like, in fact, the seats at the front of a San Francisco bus, which must also be yielded.
Even though they are often not.

The number of times when some self-satisfied prig who works in the law offices located down in the Embarcadero Center refuses to vacate for an elderly person or a pregnant woman is well-nigh countless. Because, of course, he or she had a long day working for lawyers doing important stuff; they are justifiably tired, whereas an aged or infirm person obviously didn't do anything nearly so meaningful.

Especially if they are Chinese.

The rush-hour buses are standing room only at least one block before Chinatown.

Important law-office white people do NOT offer their seat to pregnant Chinese women, elderly Chinese of either gender, or damned well anyone else at all.

Again, that's folks who work in the Embarcadero Center office towers, where there are more lawyers and law-offices than anywhere else in the city. It's the beginning of the Number One California line.

In the video below, the disrespectful Wuhanese yuppie gets roundly chivied by several old folks. His lack of common courtesy and civilised manners is not appreciated.

Very actively dis-appreciated.


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It used to be common in the Western World for younger people to yield their seat to older passengers, and men to stand so that women could sit down. Not so much an unwritten code as taken for granted.
That's how I was taught, and I'm not even an antique.
But many people today weren't raised like that.
Law-office support staff, for instance.

In Wuhan, the other passengers reacted with ire to a younger man being so uncivil, and he got the worst of it.

I would love to see that happen on the Number One California.
Heading up Nob Hill with a full load of law office garbage.

Instead, what I usually see are passengers studiously absorbed in their cell-phones, so that they do not have to act like human beings, social creatures, or folks with any sense of ethics, decency, or manners.

They believe that it is only right and proper that elderly Chinese people should stand while they sit. Because, after all, they are not like them.

Apparently the young man in the video was not injured.
Which is a very great pity.

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