Thursday, February 25, 2010


Several months ago I wrote a post that was discovered by Japanese sexfiends. It changed my life. No, this is not some startling admission of degeneracy on my part - I believe in clean living and temperance, and regularly flagellate myself for your sins - but a grateful acknowledgement.

Japanese porno-spam is one of the wonders of the world. For one thing, it is quite unintelligible - there you are, staring in flabbergastion at dense lines of text that you cannot read, till at last you give in to temptation and click on the proffered link.
Then presto! A mound of pale peach, surmounted by something pink! Magic!

The other wondrous thing is the choice of post. What was it about the post that attracted the Japanese pervert? Was there a key word that convinced him that this was the place to plant his nation's flag? A fortuitous turn of phrase that said "deviants welcome here"?

I am clueless.

Please read this post:

You are baffled too.

The daily visits by sexually twisted Japanese, and their deposits of titty linkage, are sufficiently charming, in an absurd way, that I let the comments stand.
This may not have been wise.
Other spam-commenters, who are NOT as loyal to that one post, are trying to horn in on the deal.
[Perhaps an e-mail went around listing several blogs, mine included, as virgin territory. Sorry guys, comment moderation has been enabled, and someone is minding the store.]

Every day I consign several spammatic comments to the dustbin.
Viagra spam, cialis, London escort services, zovirax tablets, albenza, blue host, pressure washers, singulair, seroquel, shoes ..........

Now, if that last was something interesting, like a shoe-fetish webpage - pictures of the foot unshod, then the foot naughtily garbed - it might pass muster.
But just some commercial site trying to sell kicky little pairs of chase-me-do-me, no, that isn't what the doctor ordered. It bores me.

And there is no reason it should be appended to a post about the Chofetz Chaim.
The Chofetz Chaim was not into ladies' shoes.


Two months ago, Savage Kitten came home with a new pair of high-heels.
Like many women (and not a few men) she obsessively shops for the one pair of pumps which will transform her, and make the sun shine wherever she walks. Usually she will examine them for a few days and try them on several times, then regretfully conclude that shoe-designers are all sadists and probably unlikeable middle-aged white men, and return the rejected pair for store-credit.

These shoes were special.
When I came home that day she was on the floor trying them on.
To do so, she had removed her jeans, in order to see how they looked.

They looked fine.

I now understand, thoroughly understand, one more illustrated internet obsession.
Those Japanese web sites are quite intelligible even if you can't read the language.

Unfortunately, that day's high heels weren't comfortable walkers either, so, like so many of their brethren, they were returned for store credit.
I hope that she soon finds another pair just like them.

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Tzipporah said...

There is no way I will ever be caught in high heels.

Nice long zippered boots, now...

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