Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Since the collapse of the Dutch government last week, Dutch participation in the Afghan adventure is slated to end in 2010 rather than continue.
Which leaves the alliance short the one member with a grip on surreality.

As was to be expected, the Taliban are now breathing sighs of relief.....

'Huzza, the Dutch are leaving, the war is as good as won, we can all go home now, back to our flourishing poppy farms, our various other criminal enterprises, and the brutal repression of our women folk.
Hip hip..... Allahu jolly akbar, old chaps, well done.'

This turn of events was engineered by the Dutch Labour Party (Partij van de Arbeid), which is also known as the 'Portemonnaie van de Ander' (someone else's purse - because of their generosity) and the 'Partij voor de Allochtonen' (party for non-natives - because of their generosity). They are also known by several other clever names because of their generosity.
They quit the cabinet over the war, thus preventing any consideration of prolonging the Dutch presence in Afghanistan.

The generosity of the PvdA has now been praised by the jihadis.

Per an article in the Telegraaf newspaper:
"De taliban hebben telefonisch laten weten blij te zijn met de gang van zaken in Nederland. "Het is juist en waarachting dat de Nederlanders beseffen dat ze hun levens niet hoeven te geven voor de doelen van Amerika", zei Qari Yousef Ahmadi, woordvoerder van de Taliban in Zuid-Afghanistan".
[Translation: The Taliban have in a phone call let it be known that they are happy with affairs in the Netherlands. "It is just and righteous that the Dutch realize that they need not give their lives for American goals", said Qari Yousef Ahmadi, spokesman for the Taliban in southern Afghanistan.]


And also:
"Hij noemt de terugtrekking van Nederland uit Uruzgan verder "een zeer goede beslissing".
[Translation: He (Ahmadi) calls the Dutch withdrawal "a very good decision".]

In addition to lauding the Dutch for retreating, he also expressed the wish that other countries abandon the American enterprise.

It is pretty much a foregone conclusion that the Labour Party will ride this endorsement to a stunning majority in Rotterdam, parts of Amsterdam, and many neighborhoods in Utrecht in the coming parliamentary elections.
Whether the support of the Taliban will contribute votes for the 'Partij van de Afghanen' elsewhere remains to be seen.

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