Saturday, February 20, 2010


Stephen Tyrone Colbert says that the best way to celebrate Black History month is 'with all things Dutch'. To commemorate the moral leadership of Dr. Martin Luther King, he recommends "bewren kewl stahm put met rewk wurst".
[Kale and potato mash with smoked farm sausage on top. Just the thing to fully vest you in the holiday.]

Given that the weather in the middle of February isn't conducive to having a barbecue, and you are probably sick of turkey after the holidays, why not?

Sounds like the beginning of a grand new tradition.


One pound of potatoes, peeled.
One pound of boerenkool (curly kale), coarse chopped.
One pound of smoked sausage.
Half cup milk or half'n half.
Two Tablespoons butter.
One Tablespoon vinegar.
Half a Tablespoon sharp mustard.
Salt, pepper, and a generous pinch of nutmeg.

Quarter the potatoes. Put potatoes and boerenkool in a pot with lightly salted water to cover well, bring to a boil, turn low and cook for about twenty minutes. Put the sausage on top, cook for another ten minutes or so.
Remove the sausage to a plate and keep warm.

Drain the excess moisture from the pan and mash the potatoes and boerenkool together, adding the milk and butter. Continue mashing while adding pepper, nutmeg, vinegar, and mustard.
Reheat on a gentle flame, taste, and adjust salt if necessary.
Serve with the smoked sausage on top cut into large pieces.

Alternatively, brown the cooked sausage with some minced onion before putting it on top of the mash.

Serves four.

It is good with small gherkins and chilipaste (sambal) on the side.
Strong coffee, a shot of genever, and a Glorie van Java cigar afterwards are a splendid finish to the meal.

Note: If you're a vegetarian, you might want to substitute tofu for at least one of the ingredients above. Maybe all.
Those with kashrus concerns should omit the milk and butter, and use an equivalent amount of good beef stock instead.

Mr. Colbert's final recommendation was to put on the classics of the Dutch funk accordion while you eat.
But no. No need to go there.
Life is too short to listen to accordions.



That was the advertisement that prompted Stephen Colbert's remarkable (and inspired) idea to feast the month away with Dutch things.
Including rolmops, about which we shall not speak.

"A Dutch beer is a natural compliment to celebrating African-American achievement; after all, without the help of Dutch merchant ships, there wouldn't even be African-Americans - they'd still be just be Africans"
-----Stephen Colbert

Respectfully, I have to disagree. The idea is absurd.
Heineken is a beer brewed to suite the tastes of pretendeurs and people wearing pastel sweaters tied around their waists. You know, Waspy types.
Ick, poo.
If you really must have beer with your 'rewkwurst', may I suggest a fine Belgian ale? Duvel Moortgat? Westmalle Triepel, Affligem, perhaps even a lambiek?
Or try it with Anchor Steam.
You'll be ever so much happier.


Dvar Dea said...

Ironic, in Israel this February is so far perfect for barbecue.

The back of the hill said...

We too are having a warm February. Nevertheless, I would still prefer not to stand outside in the rian over a barbecue...
Warm, in this case, is a relative term.
California is in between Israel and Holland.

Tzipporah said...

We had a San Fran visitor up here in Eugene this past weekend. He couldn't get over the sunshine. barbecue weather, indeed. :)

Anonymous said...

Forget that stuff, the very best drinking beer remains Pilsener Urquell. Ummm!




Can't wait to see what you do for Asian Pacific Islander month.

Or, goodness, Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender people's month.

Steffy said...

Yo, Atbother!

Spellcheck let you down again!

Drain the excess moisture form the pan


Bad Dutchman! Bad!

Sranam Kaas said...

Good recipe, bad idea.

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