Tuesday, February 02, 2010


A slim majority of Dutch parliamentarians is opposed to sex with animals. So it looks like the Netherlands will finally forbid practices that the rest of the world has long labeled reprehensible.

Only Liberals and Christians opposed outlawing bestiality.

Eerste Kamer voor verbod seks met dierenDEN HAAG - In navolging van de Tweede Kamer heeft dinsdag ook de Eerste Kamer ingestemd met het voorstel om seks en pornografie met dieren strafbaar te stellen. Alleen CDA en VVD in de Eerste Kamer stemden tegen.
[Translation: First chamber in favour of ban on sex with animals; Den Haag - Following after the second chamber, the first chamber also voted to make bestiality and animal pornography punishable. Only the Christian Democratic Appeal and the VVD voted against.]


The proposal to ban physical congress with animals came from Harm Waalkens, a member of the labour party in the second chamber.

Quote:Waalkens kwam met zijn initiatief om vooral de handel in gefilmde bestialiteiten met dieren op internet te beteugelen. Veel daarvan blijkt te worden vervaardigd in Nederland.
[Translation: Waalkens intent was primarily to limit the trade in filmed bestiality on the internet, much of which proves to be produced in the Netherlands.]

Even though this blogger does not wish to see restrictions imposed on capitalism (pretty much invented by the Dutch), and while it can also be argued that destroying so flourishing an export business would be fiscally irresponsible given the current world-wide recession - especially for a small country like Holland - I can only applaud this as a noble first step.

Now they still need to do something about the international trade in women-flesh, for which the Netherlands is ground zero, as well as the manufacture and widespread use of date-rape drugs.

Plus snuff films.

But they may likely wait till better economic times.
As undoubtedly the Christian Democrats and the VVD will insist.

One shouldn't try to take too many steps all at once, especially when the financial impact on jobs, trade, and the Dutch tourist industry is not yet clear.



When the Dutch ban on bestiality goes into effect, this lovely video of a large confused bird may become illegal:

Watch Sirocco (a flightless groundparrot) having a go at the head of a naturalist while you still have a chance. New Zealand was so charmed by him that they have declared him an ambassador for his kind.

You can find out more about him and his kin here:

They are beautiful birds, albeit randy little perverts.
Mankind's feathered degenerate friends.

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Pietje Bel said...

Goed nieuws voor de geiten en schapen in Nederland.
Daar zal mijn hamster niet blij mee zijn!
En hoe leg ik dit vanavond uit aan mijn hond?
Hoe moet dat nu met onze geiten......
Dat gaat de PVDA stemmers kosten.
Van het CDA begrijp ik dat ze tegen zijn; er zijn namelijk ontzettend veel boerderijen in Nederland.
Belachelijk al die regeltjes van tegenwoordig, dieren ondervinden hier geen enkele emotionele schade van.

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