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Over on social media someone mentioned that they're heading to Hong Kong early next year, and asked if anyone had recommendations for a dim sum restaurant? This pursuant another person saying that, regarding dim sum or Chinese food in general, their own section of the great American outdoors was rather dry, a desert, really, nothing but Icelandic bee honey and buggery dried fish. Strewth!

Sun Hing Restaurant (新興食家), Western District, Kennedy Town, Smithfield Street No. 8, Ground Floor. Good runny custard buns, very lively, great food. Sadly, Lung Mun (龍門大酒樓) on Johnston Road (莊士敦道) near the intersection of O'Brien (柯布連道) no longer exists. But I'd imagine people still stop at places near their office for a quick breakfast.
Typically, 一盅兩件。

Decades ago, here in San Francisco, merely mentioning dim sum had your coworkers looking at you like you were a freemason. Especially if they were from the suburbs.
People still do fabulous things with Hamburger Helper™ and Spam™ there.
As well as Rice-A-Roni™.

Sorry, fellow Dutch speakers, there's NO frikandel in this country.
I know y'all desperate, it's why you're on the internet.
And probably how you found this page.

Outside of Hong Kong and SF Chinatown, good dim sum restaurants are on the fancy side and often have tablecloths. Very nice. A welcome oasis from the frightful muck most office workers eat for lunch, and far better than that soggy bowl of wheaties many people have for breakfast. My favourites nearby are the one that relocated recently -- haven't gone there since the move yet -- and the one on the busline with a lot of elderly Toisanese, near the fancy dried tonic herbs place. They're know for among other things pork stuffed peppers, and pots of garlicky black bean sparerib rice. Geezers from the projects and old folks lodgings nearby go there. One of their waitresses years ago was slighty batsh*t.
So it has ambiance.

Every damn' ghastly bucket burb in this country has a main street with a golden arches, chain pizza, and sporting goods store. You know civilization hasn't penetrated when there isn't a dim sum place, decent bookshop, or Dutch-style dark-interiored café.

There are reasons why when your kids come home from college during break they don't talk to you but spend the first day back screaming. You exiled them to Iowannee State because it was cheap and gave them a scholarship! They had to watch football and eat cheesy fries! Their dorm mates organized make-up tutorials! All of them were blonde!

A friend is heading to Baltimore and New York for two weeks to avoid APEC
Which is happening here from the tenth to the seventeenth.
I sure hope he's had all of his shots.
I've had mine.

East Coast Chinese food is goofy, but I've heard that they do have dim sum and cafés.
I know there are bookshops there. No frikandel, possibly no sambal.
Apparently there is pizza everywhere.

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