Sunday, November 05, 2023


The time change occured without mishap, no one was wounded or killed. Despite rightwing wankers and misguided people with their Luddite anarchy. One of whom is a good friend living in a horrid red state who has decent smoking habits and a fabulous dress sense, the handsome well-cravatted devil. He's also young enough to drink fancy cocktails.
May have something to do with his opposition to daylight savings time.
I can see him swilling dollaritas several years hence.
It's not a pretty mental image.
He insists that daylight savings time is an imposition, an outrage, an offensive act by illogical people. This year he hasn't pitched his usual hissy fit, or cast his rhetoric. Maybe he's growing tired, or finally seeing what a brilliant idea it is, and how it works for him.

I, personally, am okay with the howling gale happening one hour later.

Gives me more time to put my shoes on.

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