Friday, November 10, 2023


Ran into Henry (90 yrs old) and Stephen (mid 70's) when smoking after dinner in Chinatown. Waited for the bus with them while enjoying my pipe. The buses have been buggered up because of APEC, so it was a long wait. We are all inconvenienced. But not crabby.

My friend the bookseller is mightily inconvenienced. What with presently being in transit to the East Coast. To avoid APEC. Which is when very important people from other countries stay in SF with taxpayer funded security.
They've got all of Nob Hill to themselves, we commoners have been told to stay away, and we should feel honoured.

Do I feel honoured? Oh heck yes!

Largely because I won't run into any of them.
They won't come down from the clouds.
I shan't rise to meet them.

My dinner was excellent. The wait staff were all youngish and Cantonese speaking, and, it being still early evening, and cold outside, about half of the customers were non-Chinese.
I held my tongue and didn't mutter anything snarky about them. Though awfully tempted.

I'm not sure why there are often helicopters overhead during the day. To the best of my knowledge, none of those high flyers are likely to, or even able, to elevate themselves.

All of next week I shall eat peasant food. That way there is less to no chance I'll run into very important people. Cheap muck that costs under twenty dollars a plate. None of them would eat that. Too low brow, not exquisite enough, and surrounded by poor local shmoes.
Also, I am too common looking to photograph for the foreign newspapers.
Dreadful native eating badly cooked potatoes!
Oh, the drabness!

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