Thursday, November 16, 2023


Years ago I would head over to Ping Yuen Coffee Shop and Bakery after work to get refreshed, read the newspapers, while away an hour or so, and be wide awake for the movies at the Great Star. It was wonderful, and one could still smoke inside then.
So for the non-smokers it probably wasn't.

Notes: Ping Yuen Coffee Shop: 平園咖啡店 ('ping yuen ga fei dim'). The Newspapers: The San Francisco Chronicle, The Examiner, 星島日報 ('sing dou yat pou'), 國際日報('gwok jai yat pou'), 金山時報 ('gam saan si pou'). The Great Star: 大明星戲院 ('daai ming sing hei yuen').

Essentially that was a continuation of my school years in Brabant. Pot of tea with homework and then the newspapers, while it rained outside and twilight faded to deep dark.
Pipe. Quietness. Peace. And caffeine.

Now that it's turning cold again, it strikes me that there should be a place where one can have caffeine, a baked item or cookie, and a nice quiet smoke. Indoors.

The awnings in front of closed or abandoned shops aren't quite it.
One might want to sit down. Perhaps with a newspaper.
Or a like-minded friend.
As you will readily understand, I am not a fan of smoking outdoors in the rain without a newspaper. It gets cold, you see, and my fingers sometimes go numb. It just isn't very comfortable, and when it rains non-smokers might also want to use those awnings.

One doesn't want refined non-smokers upset at one.
They weep so piteously.

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