Tuesday, November 07, 2023


During my early morning walk I stopped to observe half a dozen crows happily strutting around on the other side of the street. And now I'm wondering whether I should have a cookie in my pocket for them the next time. Do crows like cookies?
I hope so, because I'm not carrying carrion or stale pizza around with me on the off chance that I can feed our corvid American fellow citizens.

Do crows taste the same way humans do?

And what should they not eat?

Until I know more, I should probably not feed them chocolate chip. Some animals cannot process chocolate. I want them to thrive, so best not risk it.

Also, I do not want them making live sacrifices to the sun god.
Chocolate has been known to inspire that.
Carobs, not so much.
Best case scenario: I end up with a flock of friends. Non-judgemental, and more social than that bunch of people in Marin. Worst case: feathered Republican freeloaders.
Either way, the neigbors will be disconcerted.
The Dutchman is a wizard.

Last year I read about a girl who had a mercantile thing going with the neighborhood crows. In exchange for snackies they'd bring her blinky things. Perhaps I should smoke my Peterson System Standards every morning, so that these birds start finding me extras.
"Ooh, that's an excellent one, still warm!"
"Thank you so much! I've always wanted another one!"

I've already got several, but far be it from me to turn down a gift from an animal.
Don't want to disappoint them. They meant well.
It's very nice.

You will notice that there is a blinky band-cap ferrule where the stem fits into the shank. It's good engineering. These pipes are both practical and durable items which I highly recommend. Very pipish. Nothing says 'pipe' better.

First month I was back in the U.S., before school started, I bought myself one.

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