Thursday, January 27, 2022


Late at night, back in the day when people still went out and drank far too much, a suitable late night snack and 'sponge for booze' would be driving over to the Doggy Diner for a chili dog with thousands of other hipsters and cool cats. Then one would lean on the car and light up a camel non-filter, while adjusting the slick shiny forehead curl looking in the mirror. One's leather jacket looked just right, the jeans were perfectly hip hugging, and Johnny Cash was on the radio.

Well, I may be conflating different eras and several other people's lives there.
That was before gentlemen sold grilled bacon dogs on Mission Street.
The last late night dog I ate was a few years ago.
They are coming back.

One could make it with vegetarian ingredients, I suppose -- tofudog, mixed vegetable muck chili sauce, gluten-free macrobiotic bun, non-allergenic condiments -- or upscale it to the finest beef frank and artisanal sauces. but just as with the bacon dog the point is cheap ingredients late at night after a spot of dissipation. The heck with your diet and yoga plans for tomorrow.
Imagine eating two of those puppies dripping over the kitchen sink.
Harsh kitchen lighting, last cup of coffee before bed.
Meeting with Sales early in the morning.

The last time I did yoga was before I graduated from high school. I took pride in folding myself and holding. That was long before I discovered Mission Street, Market Street, or North Beach where a late night burger can still be had. I'm not likely to be out past twelve nowadays -- too many skeevy jeevies at that hour -- but sometimes, just before bed, I can still taste the salt, richness, grease, cheap meat, condiments, and jalapeños en escabeche.

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