Friday, January 21, 2022


For people on the spectrum, neurotic habits add stability to life. Consequently they may have considerably more of such than most people. It's like the argument about how the toilet paper goes. Sometimes the answer may have extraordinary importance. There will be death by the sword and mass rebellion if it is done incorrectly.

My apartment mate and I have never considered the issue. The toilet paper stands upright on a little side table to the left of the crapper. I cannot speak for her on this matter, but I have certain very very firm habits when using it which you do not need to know, and were I to omit them the fires might rain down and the world shake on its foundations.

Rather a lot of pipe smokers are quite as nuts.
The enjoyable past-time inculcates regularity.

Asperger syndrome people are, and this should NOT surprise you, often good at grammar, and sometimes afflicted with Tourettes. Likely to speak with concise clarity, though formulaically repetitious, and sometimes staggeringly beside the point.

Favourite themes will get repeated.
A huge number of times.

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