Wednesday, November 27, 2019


Today we find out if Rusty Sprinkles survived the cloudburst. Yesterday evening, at approximately quarter to seven, it came bucketing down. The street in front of my apartment building was white with the rebound, the rain resembled shiny steel poles. My neighbor came running in from the car that had dropped him right in front, and was drenched by the time he got to the portico. Fortunately I had dressed warm and thick, and had a big umbrella with me. So inside my cocoon of clothing I was dry and warm.
Gloves too. My fingers had not turned blue.
That's a victory of sorts.

Not a fit night for man nor beast.

Well except for some. Rusty Sparkles is not the name of a porn starlet, as some readers might suppose, but my fond nickname for the tinsely reindeer on the lawn at work. Which Hecky absolutely hates, because the glittery stuff gets all over him, and consequently would rather not put out every day. I've told him that if Rusty isn't out on the lawn by ten AM, Santa won't come this year. Forget about the likelihood of infected cuts and tetanus! It's over.

Usually I'm still the one who puts the thing out.

Hecky is a coward.

During the cold wind and steady rain around tea-time, I made my way to a chachanteng with my groceries. A cup of hot Hong Kong Milk Tea and a club sandwich (港式奶茶: 'gong-sik naai-cha', 公司三文治 'gong-si saam-man-ji'). One of the regulars asked me how I was, saying I looked worse than before. That's just the weather, and I lost a bit of weight.
I positively abound with energy, and feel more vibrant.

Also, I do not know what the equivalent of "full of piss and vinegar" is in Cantonese. Possibly 生龍活虎,興致勃勃,動動活力 ('sang lung wut fu, hing ji put put, dong dong wut lik'). Or words to that effect. Lively dragon live tiger, flourishing zest quick quick, move move vital forces.

Spent about an hour there before heading back to my street.

Actually, I'm hoping my appearance will prompt some nice lady to exclaim "why you poor thing, you must be freezing, let me take you home and give you some nice warm wonton soup, and yes you may smoke inside!"

Because I really don't like cold wet weather.
As a pipe smoker, I know it too well.
I'd far rather be inside.

Anyhow, I will be at work today, contrary to my normal schedule. Off on Thursday, back on Friday. So I will be able to smoke inside. After I put Rusty Sprinkles out on the lawn. I'm hoping that the fact that she is electrified will not endanger me as I fumble with her wires. It's alive, it's alive!

It's an angry rabid reindeer with a horrid attitude.
Nothing says "holidays" like an evil cyborg.
Kill all the humans. Ho ho ho.
Merry thing-much.

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