Monday, November 18, 2019


At this very moment I have an almost unconquerable urge to finish the last of the kringle, devouring it to the very final crumb. But I will resist. Because my apartment mate may want to have that piece for breakfast, and there is at present no way of finding out what her food plans are tomorrow morning, without disturbing her in her room and so maybe actually putting the idea in her head. She might gallantly say "oh go ahead", and tomorrow morning think unhappily "damn, he did".

Besides, I had some cheese earlier, I've indulged nicely.

So I resist. Eventhough I already had a piece, and the lingering taste memory of almond paste and flaky pastry is playing a number on me. Just like it did with the tub of ice cream last week (gone), the chocolate chip cookies (gone), and the butter cookies (gone).

Something about sweet things demands my slavish attention.
And addict-like behaviour.

There are two (!) boxes of cookies near my laptop.
They are as yet unopened boxes.
I shall resist!

Thoughtfully I swirl some coffee over my tongue, temporarily soothing the attention-craving taste buds. Should I light up a pipe, and wander around the neighborhood until the urge passes? If so, which pipe? What tobacco?


Perhaps one of the Comoy's squat bulldogs (wondering now where I put the Sasieni of a very similar shape), and some Sam Gawith Golden Glow.
A nice comforting bright Virginia broken flake, with an appealing sweetness. Golden Glow is a tobacco which isn't complex, but does have an enduring charm. Fresh, herbal, carotenoid-rich. Delightful and summery.

It's a bit too late in the evening for a full bowl, though.
Perhaps I'll trigger the neighbors tomorrow.
Quite the cheering prospect.

That and kringle.

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