Sunday, November 24, 2019


When I left work the boys in the back were screaming. They were watching the ballgame. Green Bay versus Santa Clara. Naturally I paid no attention. They had pulled the bottles out of their lockers, and I fully expect some of them to embarrass themselves before the evening is over.

I am, as you have guessed, too damned faux an intellectual to pay attention to so jejune an entertainment.

Here it is, more than an hour after I got home, and I've just finished a slice of pumpkin pie. A cup of coffee is to my left. A pipe which I want to load with tobacco is nearby, the teevee is off, and my apartment mate is in her room talking to the stuffed critters.
I think she's reading to them from a book about bad cops.
The State of New Mexico features prominently.

When Green Bay wins this evening, the neighborhood will go wild.
There are likely to be scenes of mass jubilation.
It will be epic.

Cheerful drinking and chocolate chip cookies.
Strangers kissing each other.

Can't smoke indoors. With rampant jollification in the streets, can't smoke outdoors either. Perhaps I should just have another slice of pie.

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