Sunday, November 24, 2019


Dinner: home made sarson da saag, toasted focaccia, and grilled sausage. Because vegetables are important. They vote.

Little White Nipple Guy has one cigar for the trip north. Everyone is hoping it will last him a while. I know I am, I still remember the time I told him about the leaves of the gympie gympie tree and the English officer ignorant of their disadvisability as bathroom tissues in a pinch.

Make no mistake, I actually like Little white Nipple Guy, but much more for his affect on the cigar smokers than any real human quality. And I do not want to socialize with him. I am not self-abusive that way.

Many of the people I know because of work are queer as blazes, but he takes the cake, and heads into uncharted territory with it.

He was in again recently.
I am not a Christian.

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