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Monday, May 05, 2014


Probably the best and worst advice that I've heard recently is "you really should invite her out for ein wiener schnitzel". Best, because it sounds like a darned good idea. Worst, because I just cannot imagine any young women in San Francisco today wanting wiener schnitzel, or even knowing what it is.

There I'll be, impressing young ladies at the club dancing to house music, representing totally dude, and I'll seductively slink up to a fine intelligent looking specimen and say "would you like a wiener schnitzel?"
I'm quite sure she would react to that.
Perhaps not well.

Which is sad, because a breaded veal cutlet, cooked just right, with lemon, capers, a sardine or two, cucumber salad, and pommes frites or kartoffelsalat, can be both an eye-opener as well as a wonderful romantic experience.

Roll the very thin meat in flour, dip it in beaten egg, then toss it with dry breadcrumbs. Fry it in a pan, moving it around a bit. When it is golden, it is perfectly done. Do no more.

It should never be as thick and as coarse as the typical fried fish, which is an inedible English object. The wiener schnitzel should be knusprig, saftig, und zart.


A decent place to get a pork schnitzel wiener art (in other words, not a real wiener schnitzel, which is only made with kalbsfleisch) close to my apartment is Leopold's Restaurant, between Union and Filbert Streets on Polk. Only a short walk away.
Whole lotta pork.

It probably isn't a good place for a date, though. Not on a Friday or Saturday night. It's small and cozy, which means that when it's packed, it's loud and super lively.

Plus many people love the beer.

I note that they have neither Riesling nor Elbling.

"Would you like a wiener schnitzel, Fräulein?"

When I was a child, heading south during summer to Switzerland or Austria always meant the prospect of wiener schnitzel. For some reason they never palled. I doubt that it was the crisp white wine (see above), because at that young age my parents would not allow me to have any.
But wine is far more appropriate than beer.

I despair of ever introducing a nice young lady to wiener schitzel.

There really aren't any in the Bay Area.

That I know of.

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