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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Freedom of speech is, as usual, under assault in what may be the oldest faux-democracy in the former colonial world. Pakistan's version of popular political liberty has long consisted entirely of brutal attacks on dissenters, religious minorities, ugly people, and just about anybody the mad mullahs, corrupt judiciary, or tyrannical army overlords do not particularly like.

But they are very fond of goats.

Presently, the only independent broadcaster in that hellhole of a territory is under assault.

"Geo has been accused of unprofessional conduct by the military, blasphemy by the religious lobby and treachery by its business rivals."


It's grimly amusing that Pakistan's military should accuse anyone of unprofessional conduct; they themselves exemplify it, they are the paradigm of the concept. Pakistani army officers cannot act in a professional manner if their miserable lives depend upon it.

Likewise, given the sheer howling horrors supported by the religious lobby in that pit of a country, blasphemy is the very last thing with which the Pakistani Ulema should take issue. There is nothing redeemable in their version of Islam. Not even the paper on which their degenerate dogmas are printed.

And as for business rivals, that would be an unholy mix of people with military connections, disturbing links to the Ulema, Sindhi landlords, Karachi lawyers, and egomaniac ex-cricketer Imran Khan.
Not precisely a trustworthy source of opinion.
As vile as anything else there.
Bloodthirsty heathens.
The lot of them.

In fact, other than the lovely goats, there is little worth redeeming about Pakistan. In the sixty-plus years since independence, that garbage dump has regressed in all fields which measure civilization.
But I'll praise their goats, though.
Nice goats.


It is time to put the director general of ISI, lieutenant general Zaheer ul-Islam and members of his family on the no-fly list, and ban them from entering the United States. Perhaps more than anyone else, lieutenant general Zaheer ul-Islam embodies the loathsome scum and refuse that is the Pakistani military.

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