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Friday, May 09, 2014


Too many cigar smokers are right-wing nutjobs. It probably comes with the territory. According to many of them, one of these three is the anti-Christ: Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama. Nancy Pelosi.

Benghazi was a massive cover-up, Obama-care is radical communism, and the New World Order will take away your guns.

How your wives put up with you lot I will never know. Probably more of you are divorced than the national average. Several of you need to move back to New Hampshire, Arizona, Southern California, Chicago, Texas, and that place where grits are considered food.

The only break was when baseball was on the platter.
The SF team was playing that bunch from LA.
Baseball, like all sports, is boring.

You watch merely to underline how unbearably all-American and masculine you are, or conversely for the inherent homo-eroticism of the game. Either way, dull and too unimaginative to be depraved.

Paint dries with greater entertainment value than that game, and imparts more intellectual stimulation than your chatter.

If you are reading this and feel offended, good.

Laundry will occur at ten o'clock (or there abouts tomorrow), following which I shall return home to take a bath. Me, soap, hot water. No baseballs, no crackpot ultra-rightwing conspiracy theories, and no cigars.
It will be long, indolent, and possibly even sensual.

Any conversation will be stimulating.

It might include plans for lunch.

If another person shows up.

Which is doubtful

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