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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


There are times when it feels that I am surrounded by Joe the Plumber. Or his spiritual acolytes. Largely this happens when I am in the company of cigar smokers. And there's the division: cigar smokers are mostly blinkered and thoughtless rightwing creeps, whereas many pipesmokers (such as myself) are thoughtful and nuanced liberal humanists.
Cigarette smokers are rather like gerbils.
It's all that nervous energy.

Spent nearly six hours with the cigar smokers today.
When I got home, I really needed a drink.
So I fixed a strong 鴛鴦.
Chilled out.

[鴛鴦 'Yuen yeung': A typical Hong Kong and Chinatown mixture of forty percent coffee sixty percent strong tea, plus sweetened condensed milk to pale it up.
Drunk hot. It's the condensed milk that makes it good.]

I'm all better now. Wired. Might not get to sleep for a while, but my sanity has returned. They're lovely people, those cheroot-whackers, despite their many flaws. And signs of barking madness.

If you hear strange noises and over-excited giggling in the night, it's the stogey puffing crowd.



Yep. Gun-rights discussion today. Plus where to stick those Edge Cigars by Rocky Patel. Corojo & Maduro. And a bit about malnourished guide dogs. Whose intellectual horizons have shrunk, due to their jobs.
Guide dogs eventually get retired, often when they're old.
Horizons seldom expand for them, then.

On the positive side, they've become experts at baby-sitting humans, and have subtly assumed the rank of Alpha-male at that point.
Human person, you want to cross the street!
There's a fire hydrant over there.
And it smells fabulous!

Oh look, green light! Lets walk!

The minds of cigar smokers are easily distracted by blinky objects.
Whereas pipe-smokers stick to the subject.
It's intellectual rigour.

Two of my favourite cigar-smokers are vacationing in Cabo San Lucas this week. For both their sakes, I sincerely hope they remember to put sun-screen on their nipples.

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