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Sunday, August 11, 2013


The owners of a favourite hang-out in Chinatown are on vacation. The sign in the window states that they are gone from the eighth till the thirteenth. I noticed it the other day.
Good for them. I hope they're having a nice time.
Hard-working folks need to take a break.
Smell the roses, or whatever it is.

I now suspect that they are a couple. I didn't notice anything before that suggested it, as when she's behind the counter he usually isn't in, and when he works she's often not there. And of course there are no evident displays of affection. Chinese people seldom do that, and definitely not in front of customers.
If they are married, they are well suited to each other.
Same home-town, same dialect.

If they ever have kids, with her build and his gentleness the results would be rather nice altogether. Decent people.

I look forward to having some milk-tea and a pastry when they get back. Their place has a timeless atmosphere, and the customers are a nice lot. It's a comforting establishment.

Just a few more days.

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