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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


The astounding news recently is that someone tried to extort nude photos of Miss Teen California Cassidy Wolf. Which I cannot understand, because she doesn't look like she has any mathematical ability, and might be related to Paris Hilton.
As many blondes are.

She rather has that exotic hothouse flower look that I associate with pure-breds. Concerning which, it must be said that the most pure-bred canine on the planet is the Collie, which has a brain of approximately the same thickness and mental capacity as a slice of ham.

You know that sound when you smack your palms together?
Exactly! Brain like that.

I know I'm being judgmental here, for all I know she might be another Einstein. As well as a really sweet girl that all the neighbors love, and a wonderful inspiration to us all. It's a possibility.
I'm just not into that whole blonde gestalt.
Years ago I lived among them.

Not that it in any way contributes to an understanding of blondes, or shows either them, or the people who are not like them at all, in a favourable light -- heck, for no other reason than that it is splendidly and insanely tasteless -- here's a wikipedia quote about the French reality show Les Gladiatrices: Blondes vs. Brunes"

"One day someone came. A guy, probably. In one sentence, he managed to bring the words "Girls", "Fight", "Oil" and "Swimwear". A true genius. Someone replied. A guy, probably. Him, his only contribution was to add the words "TV" and "reality." The gladiators were born. The official concept of wrestling matches made between two groups of girls, the brunettes one side and the other blondes. Each team consists of five beautiful girls from the TV that fight in swimsuit and one to one, on a circular tatami installed in a warehouse. They will be coached by a male, a true, also coming from the TV. The informal concept (the most obvious): Girls with big breasts, oiled head to toe by the male in question will roll over in hugging and uttering little cries of pain. A fantasy come true, and on TV. When I spoke of genius ..."

Source: French Culture.

Actually, that sounds very much like a beauty pageant.
It could be the talent portion.

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