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Sunday, August 04, 2013


Theme music for a pipe-smoker heading off to face the savage cigar smokers of Marin County. Actually something else, but baby-sitting the headhunting cheroot-whackers to the north of civilization does require the sound of strident militancy.

As we say in Dutch: 'It sticks a heart under the belt'.



From the 1970 epic film 'Waterloo', composed by Nino Rota.

I have no doubt one of those people will want a cognac-soaked stogy (manufactured by Gurkha / Hansotia & Co.), who normally produce a fairly decent rolled-up tobacco leaf product. No, I have NO idea what inspired them to cater to the inbred trailerparker tea bag contingent on this one. Perhaps the fierce competition for market share in an ever-shrinking world? Maybe recognition that knuckle-dragging vulgarians are an influential voting-block? Conceivably even a burgeoning love for ignorant tattooed savages mobbing a Nascar event. Who knows, and who cares.
Brandy-drenched cheroots, forsooth!

Sorry, that was a moment.

This blogger has nothing against illiterates. Truly. Some of my best friends are illiterates.
Firewater-sodden ropes. Crikey. Possibly Kaizad Hansotia lost a bet.
Does Hansotia-saheb need theme-music to get out of bed in the morning? Especially when cornered by a howling mob?
I suggest the tune above. It's rousing.

We pipe-smokers will welcome you. We also think that cigar smokers need to be brutalized like Napoleon's troops, by an English poncy man and a psychopathic Prussian. Pom pom-pom, pom pom-pom!
Martial music, for truly epic marketing. Pom pom-pom.
Drums, man, who will stop those damned drums!
Gurkha Grand Reserve Maduro.

Het steekt een hart onder de riem.

PS. Kindly note the clickable link ("THE WALL") underneath this post. It will bring up everything I have to say about cigar-smokers, most recent article first, which presently is this essay. Just scroll down for more good stuff. Cigar smokers are the sweet cream of humanity, the veritable saltiness of the rock. Jesus was probably a cigar smoker, lord Krishna certainly was.

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