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Tuesday, August 06, 2013


Some people do not realize how interesting and likeable they are. When you try to convey this to them, they tend to depreciate themselves and get flustered. Which is very charming.

I like talking to people because it can be such an enjoyable experience. No, I'm not trying to find out what makes them tick. But I am keen to hear their points of view, and both what they say and how they say it tells me so much about them. Even when they're being circumspect and shy, OR, as they might prefer to call it, "reserved".

The trick is to read between the lines. Not everyone perfectly expresses themselves, sometimes the thought is still forming as it comes out of the mouth. Context, eyes, and attitude convey a framework within which much more may be read than just the words. It should not surprise you that I do not own a cellular device.

For most of the past two decades I have been on the telephone several times a day, and I deal very well with phones. Customers have praised my ability to handle calls, impart useful information, and discuss solutions. But never-the-less, the phone does not function as much more than a tool in my life. Either face-to-face contact, OR a lovingly-crafted bit of writing, impart a far greater sense of contact and connection, than any amount of telephonic chit-chat.

E-mail me. Or talk to me over coffee. I will dwell upon your words and fondly remember them. If your eyes speak to me, or your clearly expressed paragraphs evoke, it will mean so much more than any jangly machine or quick-thumbed texting.

Completely contradicting the above, I value some emoticons.


Notice the raised eye-brow? It indicates a wink. And somewhat snarky amusement. Plus the laugh, represented by a capital dee, says that whoever left the emoticon, responded to what was said. It's a quick shorthand that lets the other person know the emotion (hence the term 'emoticon').

:-! clearly means "I am smoking a cigar right now".
That may or may not be relevant at the time.

8-% shows the reader eating a lemon.
I have no idea why that's important.

(0) is a picture of a hamburger.

Despite the baffling nature of that last example, all of this is still better than Tweeting. An emoticon, no matter how existential or absurd, conveys a mental activity.
Twitter is precisely the equivalent of sniffing another dog's butt.
Though conceivably far less meaningful.

At least the dog is having face time.


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