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Thursday, August 08, 2013


During the day I am the only one here, and can consequently dress however the mood strikes me. Or undress. With no one around to be shocked, I could if I chose swan around the apartment entirely in the buff, gloriously naked, nary a scrap nor any vestige of clothing whatsoever covering any part of my manly anatomy.

You'll just have to imagine it, however, because it's rather cold in San Francisco, what with it being the middle of summer and all.

Even after my apartment mate leaves for the day, I shall not take advantage of the moment to strip and swan.
I've got flannel jammies. They're nice and warm.
Got a bathrobe too, also N and W.

The best source of heat on a cold summer day is another person, whose hot hot body potently radiates warmth and silken comfort. This being San Francisco, and consequently cold and foggy, it is impossible to tempt another person into sharing their heat. It's too nasty for nudes.
Especially if, like this blogger, one reasonable suspects that the other person is either a degenerate or a nutball.
As so many people in this city are.
Life is too short for a rather civilized pipesmoker to waste time on wacky self-obsessed San Francisco moonbeams.
I like the concept of a naked person with a radiant dermis, but the logistics defeat me. So instead I will swan around in my flannel jammies and comfy bathrobe till it is time to soak in the bath.
After which I shall get dressed and do constructive things.
The moment will have passed, the opportunity gone.

Later I shall brave the blasting wind to smoke a pipe outdoors.

I shall not be naked (unless sorely tempted).

Nice warm sweater.

And a coat.

I love all the tourists who flock to the city in summer expecting this to be California, wearing their shorts and tee-shirts.
They look insanely desperate.

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  • At 5:41 PM, Anonymous Fully clothed watersprite said…

    I too am never naked. I live in San Francisco.


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