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Friday, August 16, 2013


A few days ago comments underneath a Dutch newspaper article online indicated that many Netherlanders were fed-up with sliced cucumber on, or next-to, nearly everything.
Damn those sliced cucumbers, they're ruining our lives!
Why do they have to be everywhere!

There are worse things in life.

British food, for instance. The two national dishes of England are Chicken Tikka, and Vindaloo made with mystery meat. Add mushy peas, limp fries, mahogany deep-fried dough pouch filled with canned stuff, baked beans, Spam fritter, and a glass of luke-warm beer, and you have a feast!
Replace the beer with tea, and you have breakfast.

But we Yanks aren't very much better. There are foods within a few blocks of me right now that, if I were to ever eat them again, would give me nightmares.
We have junkfood that both defies description AND digestion, and fatty snacks that contribute mightily to epidemics of bloat, gastro-intestinal failure, and heart disease.

There's an entire aisle at the drugstore devoted to stomach medicines.
It's larger than the hair-care section.
That says something.

On the other hand, fresh chili peppers are full of fibre and vitamins.
So theoretically, even a plate of nachos is good for you.
Especially late at night.
Pile it on.


Bacon, cheese, and chilies on everything. It's the great American taste treat.
The veritable yumminess that defines our nation.
Hot dogs? Add bacon, cheese, and chilies.
Pizza? Add bacon, cheese, and chilies.
Burgers? Add bacon, cheese, and chilies.
Steak grilled medium rare? Add bacon, cheese, and chilies.
Pancakes and maple syrup? Add bacon, cheese, and chilies.
Apple pie? Add bacon, cheese, and chilies.

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