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Monday, August 05, 2013


Chinese people, as is well-known, are seriously into seafood.

The English, as is also as well-known, are notoriously not known for their culinary abilities.


Consequently the popularity among travelling Chinese of a seafood restaurant located in Brighton, England, staggers me. As it likewise does the very lovable manager, mr. Roberto Savvides. Which can be seen in the video embedded in this article: Why Chinese Flock To A Brighton Chippy.

"They like to order starters, main courses, desserts..... all at the same time."

Everything served at the same time spells out happy dining with other people. Plus sampling a bit of this and a bit of that. It is purely wonderful to have a table overloaded with seafood.
I'm not entirely sure I'd want the spotted dick and custard alongside the fries ("chips") and mussels, though. A boiled pudding with raisins inside, yellow gloop out. On the other hand, The Regency Restaurant also offers chocolate cake and treacle pudding.
Among many other things.

Their menu looks quite seductive.

• Fish soup £2.75
• Deep fried scampi £3.10
• Scotch smoked salmon £4.25
• Smoked mackerel £3.50
• Deep fried calamari £3.10
• King prawns grilled in garlic £4.50
• Whitebait £3.10
• Prawn cocktail £3.10
• Sardines £4.25
• Moules marinier £4.50
• Marinated anchovies £3.10
• 3 scallops in garlic butter £5.50
• 1/2 Doz. oysters £6.00
• Avocado pear with prawns £4.10
• Iced melon £3.10
• Taramosalata & pitta bread £3.10

Sea Fare
Locally caught fresh fish is our speciality, garnished and served with french fried potatoes.

• Fried fillet of cod £5.25
• Fried fillet of plaice £5.25
• Fried fillet of haddock £5.25
• Grilled whole plaice £6.95
• Deep fried scampi £6.25
• Deep fried calamari £6.25
• Grilled rainbow trout £8.25
• Deep fried seafood platter £6.75
• Grilled king prawns in garlic £8.75
• Grilled lemon sole £9.25
• Grilled halibut steak £10.50
• Grilled Dover sole £13.95
• Sardines £6.75
• Grilled seabass £12.50
• Whitebait £6.25
• Grilled fish medley £10.25

Shell Fish
• Moules mariniere £7.95
• 6 scallops in garlic £10.95
• Lobster salad £18.95
• Grilled lobster with garlic butter £19.95
• Hot lobster thermidor £20.95
• 1 Doz. oysters £12.00
• Whole crab salad £10.95

House Specials
• Grilled salmon in lemon & dill sauce £9.95
• Halibut steak mornay £11.95
• Trout amandin £9.95
• Fillet plaice meuniere £7.50
• Sirloin steak diane £10.95
• Sirloin steak au poivre £10.95

The Regency Restaurant also offers a wonderful selection of grills, roasts, poultry, pasta dishes, cold buffets, children's dishes, side vegetables, and vegetarian dishes. Prices range from £5.25 for Roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, £5.75 for Vegetarian lasagna, Smoked salmon salad at £6.95, Sauteed mushrooms £1.50, Greek Salad £3.25, Garlic bread £1.30 and Fried onion rings £1.50.

• Homemade apple pie £3.10
• Banana split £3.10
• Homemade tiramisu £3.10
• Cheesecake £3.10
• Chocolate gateaux £3.10
• Choice of ice-creams £1.95
• Banoffi pie £3.10
•Treacle pudding £3.10
• Rhubarb crumble £3.10
• Profiteroles £3.10

The next time I visit England I shall travel to Brighton. The Regency Restaurant, at 131 Kings Road, looks like the fish and chip shop that blows all other fish and chip shops out of the water. Especially the pathetic oil-sponge heartburn fry-holes in San Francisco, which offer mediocre fish, miserable fries, factory battered frozen shrimp, and loathsomely awful deepfried oysters.
I greatly look forward to having a splendid dinner in a clean and very charming place, filled with happy people and excellent food.
If I have a cellphone by then, pictures of an overloaded table may appear on this blog.
Or not.

"They love their shellfish - the lobsters, the mussels, the crabs; they like all that."

Of course they do.

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