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Monday, July 22, 2013


Back in the nineteen seventies, when 'streaking' first caught on, it was usually done by young people, many of whom had reasonably fit bodies. Besides, the sentiment and dominant aesthetic of that time was different. Nudity was less offensively intended, less strident, and far less self-righteously in yo' face.

This blogger is very much in favour of nudity. Done properly, it can be both refreshing and enjoyable. Which means in private, behind closed doors, by oneself.

Or with another willing person of a gender suited to one's own unique praedelictions and perversities. Being quite the heterosexual man, my preference is strictly for the female of the species, particularly one who is younger than me and weighs less.

I believe I may not be alone in that.

Younger than, and weighs less, are key terms for many heterosexual men. We're rather praedictable in that regard. Yes, I do indeed realize that that is dreadfully sexist of us, so insensitive and blinkered, but we are talking about nudity. Not job-applicants, not co-workers, not our elected representatives. If, entirely hypothetically, any of them were nude in our praesence, we would switch from our normal egalitarian totally a-sexual apathy to that typical heterosexist bias for people (female) who are younger than us and weigh less.

We would still feel a bit ill at ease, unless the nakedness was discussed and agreed upon ahead of time, by both of us. Again, I stress that the total number of people praesent should be two. Only two, no more than two. One of whom is older and larger, the other one of which is younger than, and weighs less. This is very important.

Younger than. Weighs less.

Finding someone who fits the bill should be no problem for the gentleman pictured below, who expressed himself sportively at an Australian rugby match this month.


[Source:, The Daily Telegraph.]

At first glance, he looks amazingly like a kangaroo, doesn't he?
Then you notice the shoes. He came prepared for speed.
Sensible footwear is very important.

The game was beamed live to over a hundred countries.

The word 'zesty' does not come to mind.

I'm thinking 'traction'.


For the record, I am probably around one hundred and fifty pounds at five foot nine, not bald or tanned, and I own no running shoes.
Nor have I been admired by millions of sports fans.
I never run.

If you're wondering about the multiple 'prae' spellings above, those are my own version of exhibitionism; I felt like doing it.

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  • At 10:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dutch media reports 2 of Holland’s largest retail chains announce that Israeli products originating beyond Green Line will no longer be sold.

  • At 3:44 AM, Blogger The back of the hill said…

    And yet illegal African timber crosses European borders with ease. See: Congo logging.

    It's all in whatever enforcement in which they engage. If it benefits the hypocrites in Europe, they'll break every law and rule known to g-d or man.

    Nevertheless, I am boycotting all Dutch merchandise, as I do not know which companies sell to those chains. That includes everything made by Sarah Lee, btw. SL owns most brands of coffee and tea.
    Anything made by Philips Electronics in Eindhoven.

  • At 3:52 AM, Blogger The back of the hill said…

    Besides that, the only real supermarket chain over there is Ahold.

    30% of the market.

    I had never even heard of those other two.
    Till they joined the boycott.


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