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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


There are times when one wonders about the modern generation. 'Where is their head at?', one will wonder, 'heavens, where is their head at?'

It's a valid question. Perhaps they have no heads.

I was passing a rakish-looking young fellow the other day, who proved utterly enchanted by someone very near him. As what came out of his mouth made clear.
I think.

"Hey there, hot filthy mama!"

And at that moment I realized that I was old. Older. Well, a little bit more mature, perhaps. In any case, an adult. You see, I have never said "hey there, hot filthy mama" to anyone. It is a sentence that has never even crossed my mind. My generation does not combine "hot" and "filthy" in the same phrase unless we're speaking of sewers.
We almost never speak of sewers.

"Hey there, hot filthy mama!"

There's a note of insane optimism in that phrase. Plus the knowledge that the "attractive" young lady to whom it was addressed might take pride in certain actions and behaviours which are best not described. Even if, perfectly innocently, she's a municipal sanitation engineer.

"Hey there, hot filthy mama!"

I hope she's a municipal sanitation engineer. But it seems a bit far-fetched. She didn't, at a passing glance, appear to have quite the intelligence or intellectual rigour that the job requires. And her state of dress and personal cleanliness at the time suggested strongly that municipal sanitation might not be at the forefront of her mind.

"Hey there, hot filthy mama!"

It's sad when young people don't develop the skill-sets that would stand them in good stead in the modern world, and which would ensure employment and a decent future.
Success requires resolve, hard work, and dedication.
As municipal sanitation engineers know.
Not just efforts to look good.

"Hey there, hot filthy mama!"

I rather wish I had said that.
It sounds adventurous.
And so depraved.

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