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Thursday, July 25, 2013


Two Hong Kong newspapers that obediently parrot the party line and have never done anything to offend their masters in Peking recently took umbrage at remarks by American Consul Stephen M. Young. Which is not at all flabberghasting. Their editorial boards stand out primarily for being rubber-stamp propaganda pushers with scant interest in fairness, honesty, even-handedness, or reportage.

I'm referring of course to the rags cited in the caption of this post.

The Beijing-backed Ta Kung Pao voices "strong dissatisfaction and protests" at how a "rude and unreasonable" Mr Young "flew into a rage" when its reporter asked him when the US government would respond to Mr Snowden's claims that it had been hacking into the city's computer networks.

"Well, I thank you for all of your objective reporting at Ta Kung Pao, first of all. And if you don't get the sarcasm, it's there. I do wish you'd be more objective. But I know you have your master in Beijing," Mr Young was quoted by the Post as saying.

Mr Young also criticised the Ta Kung Pao and another pro-Beijing paper, the Wen Wei Po, for questioning whether Washington deliberately staged protests by supporters of Mr Snowden outside the US consulate to cover up its alleged secret funding of the pan-democrats.

"The US has not only failed to apologise, but has made groundless accusations... The US must give an explanation and apology to the people of Hong Kong and stop invading Hong Kong's computers," the Wen Wei Po replies.


The arrogance of the Ta Kung Pao and the Wen Wei Po is staggering.

Both publications slavishly applaud every action by Peking, and have said not a word about the mainland's heavy-handed meddling in Hong Kong affairs, nor of the data gathering and monitoring of Hong Kong residents by the Chinese government. It is well known besides, that the party keeps an iron grip on the internet in the People's Republic, and regularly acts against people who have stepped out of line.
Have either the Ta Kung Pao or the Wen Wei Po said anything?

According to both estimable feuilletons (if you don't get the sarcasm, it's there), the situation in The People's Republic is excellent. Every day, every week, the situation is excellent. There is no dissent, nor dissatisfaction, the situation is excellent.

Party members do not take bribes, villagers are not pushed off their land to benefit well-connected developers, policemen do not extort protection money, local chengguan never beat up innocent folks.
Because the situation is excellent.

The spoiled brat offspring of important party members never participate in gangrapes, don't recklessly kill pedestrians by driving like maniacs, do not threaten civil servants who are just doing their jobs, and won't get out of jail because their mommy and daddy are very important people. Nay, the situation is excellent.

ADDENDUM: 大公報 & 文匯報

The odious self-serving rant by the Ta Kung Pao is here, their website is

The corresponding venom-spew by the Wen Wei Po is here, their website is

The Ta Kung Pao and Wen Wei Po can stick a sock in it.

They make even the San Francisco Chronicle look good.

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