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Friday, July 05, 2013


Last week I published an episode of 'Feral Bachelor Chow', that being an unintentionally ongoing series about this blogger's casual approach to dinner since breaking up with Savage Kitten three years ago.
Now, bear in mind that I like to cook, and I really enjoy interesting and tasty food. But when you're only cooking for one person, and you are somewhat disturbingly conscious of the fact that there is no one to eat with, there is scant inspiration to sweat the details, or spend much time in the kitchen.

As I mentioned last time, it's mostly mix and match.

Yesterday evening's quick repast might have been better left unmixed, and unmatched. Though not a single one of the ingredients is to blame. Excellent products tastefully combined, and beautiful to look at.
Took about fifteen minutes to throw together.
I should've thrown it out instead.
But it was delicious.

Penne pasta.
Israeli couscous.
Green curry paste.
Yellow curry paste.
Chili paste.
Olive oil.
Little pork meatballs with cayenne.
Chopped baby bokchoi.
Kasondi pickle.
Coconut milk.
Splash of Bourbon.
Squeeze of lime juice.
Dash of hot sauce.
Three pickled Habaneros.

I added that last ingredient because after combining the cooked meatballs in their tasty yoghurt curry sauce with the pasta and couscous, it all seemed a little wishy-washy. Not assertive enough.
The Habaneros made it plenty assertive.

Readers will kindly note the posting time of this essay.
[6:06 AM. West-Coast Time.]

If anyone asks me to cook for them, I promise to leave the chilipaste, hotsauce, and pickled Habaneros at home. I'll rely on your selection of condiments.

I think I still need to fine-tune the exact quantities. I sort of did it by eye, while reading a book by Jan De Hartog.
Perhaps more yoghurt, less kasondi.
And a pinch of salt.

Thoughts by concerned culinarians are welcomed.
What do you think?

Some sliced cucumber on the side?

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