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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


In another five days the Academy Awards will be announced, in what promises to be an exciting television spectacle of razzle dazzle, pomp, and over-the-top splendor.
For that last item, please read “tasteless vulgarity”.
As in previous years, I shall not watch, and will remain uninterested.

Coarse ostentation be damned.

Life is too short for dross.

While they're on the screen actors can be fascinating, in real life, especially when they're preening themselves, most of them are stultifyingly boring. The only thing mildly curious about them is that they remain convinced that their opinions count, and the world and their weird ego-boosting causes and cults benefit from their attention.

One exception: John Cleese
Note that he is the ONLY exception.

The exhibit of ego-tripping is set for Sunday evening.
Four hours of it, if I remember correctly.
Next Monday I will hear all about it.
In dreadful and torturous detail.
Without even wanting to.
Rampant tedium.

I would encourage everyone with common sense and good taste to avoid their television set till it's good and over. Do something else. Have a whirlwind love affair. Crash your car. Go out binge drinking. Experiment with face paint. Eat oysters.
Have a social evening with friends.

I do believe next Sunday would be the perfect time to go have dinner at the restaurant mentioned in a previous post, the one with frog and salt fish. Either that or the place I mentioned yesterday. Either one would be a darn good idea.
Both seem like environments where the Oscar hoopla will be viewed with considerable apathy and complete non-interest.

After that, maybe a nice long walk.

Imagine a world without vulgarity.

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