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Tuesday, June 07, 2011


One of the things which is criminally easy to prepare, and very comforting, is steamed eggs.
Often pei dan (皮蛋, 松花蛋 black preserved egg) is cut up and added, sometimes something from the salt-fish category is thrown in.
But such things are not required, and you can simply throw the dish together at home with scrounged materials from the refrigerator. Served with steamed rice and some stir-fried greens it is a satisfying simple meal.


["Steamed Water Egg"]

Three eggs.
Half or three quarters cup water.
Quarter cup chopped green onions or less.
Quarter cup whatever comes to hand: minced charsiu, chopped shrimp, sliced mushrooms, etc.
Pinch ground white pepper.

A few drops sesame oil.
A few drops soy sauce.
Minced cilantro

Briskly stir the eggs with the water, add the green onions and the charsiu, shrimp, etcetera.
Plus the pinch of pepper.
Pour into an oiled pyrex pie plate (or something of similar shape), and place in a steamer over furiously boiling water.
Steam for about ten minutes. Once gelled it is done.
Garnish and serve.

Use more water for a softer custard (up to a full cup).
When the eggs are done, there will be a little water on top of the custard - this will facilitate distributing the sesame oil and soy sauce evenly. Just gently swirl without tipping.

Why did I think of this today? Well, lunch time in the financial district tends towards a boring sameness. Yet, given that I very rarely eat with other people, and seldom cook at home anymore, dining on the fly has become the order of business.
Consequently the mid-day meal has become the most important food event of my day, if only because it is a welcome interruption.
Just wish there were more variety downtown.
I'm hungry. But I'm not hungry.

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