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Thursday, June 16, 2011


Having just wolfed down a burrito ("carnitas, salsa picante, SIN frijoles, por favor"), I must take issue with another blogger's querulent kvetch regarding San Francisco Mexican food.

Salsa Delfina writes:
"Another puzzling difference is the presence of black beans amongst other fillers in most burritos in SF."

[Salsa Delfina:]

Sweetheart, those black beans are for transplanted Easterners.
Real San Franciscans don't put that crap in their food.

"The same is true of rice, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream etc."

San Francisco Burritos rock. That's all there is to it.
Rice is essential.
Nothing wrong with sour cream. It turns a plain burrito into caviar.
Lettuce is for the aforementioned East-Coasters.

[It's probably the only vegetable they know. They're rather English at times.]

She gracefully admits that sometimes she may be mistaken.
In another post she writes:

"If I haven’t given you enough reasons to check out El Super Burrito, do it because Gustavo told you to and you won’t regret it. And I’ve made many bad decisions on the advice of Gustavo, but those usually involved alcohol and basements of seedy tenderloin bars - never food.

I know Gustavo.
So I can imagine the bad decisions.
I'm surprised I haven't read anything in the papers yet.
Check out her blog.
Leave some comments.


Actually, the best burritos I've had were at a place about thirty miles south of San Francisco on El Camino Real. Best chimichangas too.
One of their fresh salsas was made by pulping fire-roasted Chile Perron with a little salt and lime juice. It gave one faith in the goodness of man.

The worst abortion masquerading as a burrito was in London.
The English, like East-Coasters, are often fine people, bless their hearts.....
And just like the aforementioned Easterners, they usually know Jack about cooking.

That thing in London was indigestible.

Normally a burrito is a cure for a hangover. Not a reason to get one.

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