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Thursday, June 30, 2011


Ami Isseroff passed away yesterday. May his memory be a blessing.

From an obit far better than I could have written:

“When one mentions the Internet communities he created and kept alive, his correspondence with anyone who needed assistance, his readiness with advice and/or criticism, it is impossible to see how mere twenty four hours a day were enough for what he has done. Day after day, year after year, doing an impossible amount of work, without being paid, without being honored or appreciated by powers that be, fighting enemies without and within with the same fierceness and bravery that he fought his physical frailty. A demanding and exacting man, Ami was demanding of his friends and partners, but much more demanding of himself.”
End quote.


“Ami was a real Zionist. His love of Zion wasn't qualified. He didn't live in the world built on religious fervor, nor in one full of nationalistic rhetoric. Coming from the left, he didn't hide his rejection of the (part of the) left's anti-Zionist trends and his disillusionment with their feel-good empty slogans. On the other hand, his Zionism, his love of Israel were never blind, never of the "my country, right or wrong" kind.”
End quote.

[SnoopyTheGoon, in this post:, on this blog: ]

To many, Ami was both friend and mentor. Many of us shall miss him.

Our sympathies go out to his wife and children, to his friends, and to his entire community - a community that extended, because of his tireless labour, to the four corners of the world.

Rabban Shimon ben Gamaliel said "On three things the world is sustained: on truth, on justice, and on peace."

Rabbi Tarfon said "It is not incumbent upon you to finish the task, yet you are not free to desist from it."

Rabbosai, there is still much to be done.

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  • At 10:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I never met him, but he touched my life as well. Very sad, but he inspired so many, and his work will live on.


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