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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


An organization styling itself Shari4Holland recently called on the Dutch Muslims to rise up and impose Sharia in the Netherlands - by violent means if necessary.

In reader-feedback underneath a Telegraaf article concerning Sharia4Holland, this comment stood out:

"Graag even uw aandacht voor het volgende: Ik ben moslim woon hier al 35 jaar, ben in Nederland opgegroeid en mijn vader was hier gastarbeider. Hij heeft dit land mee helpen opbouwen. Ik hou van dit land om wat die is. Democratisch, vrijheid van meningsuiting enz. Dat doet Wilders ook, vaak erg hard ook, jammer genoeg, omdat hij iedereen over 1 kam scheert. Ik zeg daarom: Nederland is ook mijn land en GEEN SHARIA, OOK NIET IN MAROKKO, waar ik geboren ben. Onze stem (gematigde moslims) hoort niemand. HELAAS! HELP!!"Rachid Sharif, Roermond 20:55 22.12.10END QUOTE.

('Wilders wishes to ban Shariaclub')
"DEN HAAG - PVV-leider Geert Wilders wil dat de extremistische groepering Sharia4Holland verboden wordt en dat de leden worden uitgezet. De politicus reageert daarmee op de oproep van de groepering dat moslims in Nederland ten strijde moeten trekken om de streng islamitische wetgeving in te voeren. "[But refer also to this article: 'Maak islamitische staat van Nederland
'Make Islamic State of the Netherlands' - Detailing the call to impose Sharia by force. ]

"Your attention please for the following: I am a Muslim residing here 35 years already, raised in the Netherlands (and) my father was a guestworker. He helped build this country. I love this country because of what it is. Democratic, freedom of opinion, etcetera. Wilders does so as well, often very stridently too, more's the pity, because he generalizes. So I say: The Netherlands is also my country and NO SHARIA, NOR IN MOROCCO EITHER where I was born. Our voice (moderate Muslims) is not heard by anyone. Alas! Help! "

There are already 753 comments underneath the article about Geert Wilders calling for their expulsion. Most writers tend toward extreme and intolerant, several are off their rocker entirely and clearly present a danger to public order and the safety of their less melanin-deprived fellow-citizens.
A disturbingly large percentage are psychopaths.

[UPDATE December 23rd, at 9:43 AM Pacific Time: 869 comments. Overwhelming majority of which are rabidly anti-Muslim, most of them completely irrational.]

There are hardly any comments by Dutch Muslims there - not surprising, as they are less than 6% of the population, and few of them would wish to read the Telegraaf. There are better newspapers.

Rachid Sharif, there is no need to worry - Sharia4Holland represents a minute fraction of a minority.
There are hundreds of thousands of Muslims in the Netherlands. The number of liberal, free-thinking, college educated Muslims in Amsterdam alone outnumbers all the mal-adjusted loonies and nutballs who think like Shari4Holland by a fare-thee-well.
Islamic law in Holland just ain't likely.

The problem is that much is made of basket-cases like Sharia4Holland by paranoid types and rabble-rousers, NO attention is given to people who lead quiet middle-class lives and don't make waves.

Moroccan-Dutch petty crime? That's news, and angry rhetoric. It sells copies of De Telegraaf.
Sane and stable Moroccan-Dutch householder paying taxes? No, sorry folks, that just isn't interesting. Perhaps if he bit someone, or won a talent show?

Frankly, I worry less about the six percent of the population who are Muslim than about the beer-sodden bigots and weed-crazed illiterates among the native Dutch; Geert Wilders et al.
There's just so darned many of them.

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